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RP & R delivers beautiful results and gives homeowners and business owners an enjoyable painting experience. We provide all services required with painting, from prepping a room to leaving you a clean, finished product.

RP & R generally follows these steps in every project:

Eric meets with you and finds out exactly what you are seeking and the desired time frame for the project. Most of our services include a consultation with an interior designer.

Clean Up and Walk Through
For this process, drop cloths and plastic are removed. We vacuum and sweep the areas clean. Then, we do a final walkthrough with you to make sure everything is up to your expectations. All labor is guaranteed for two years.

RP & R stands behind our work.



We Specialize In

Color Consultation

Plaster and Drywall


Epoxy Finishes

Staining Concrete

Exterior Siding

Power Washing

Interior Painting and Exterior Painting

Residential and Commercial

Clear Coating, Varnishing and Staining

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Cabinet Stripping and Refinishing

Wall Paper Removal and Hanging

Environmentally Safe Natural and Low VOC Paints


RP & R strives to keep everything in-house. We specialize in exterior siding and finishes, drywall and framing, canned lighting, windows, doors and acoustic ceilings.
  • Exterior Siding
    Repair, replace or add a variety of wood and metal sidings.
  • Fence and Gates
    Repair, replace or install fences and gates.
  • Canned Lighting
    Update old switches and plugs, add gfi’s and canned lighting.
  • Framing / Woodwork
    Baseboards, crown molding, trim, vanities and cabinets.
  • Windows
    Repair, replace and add new windows.
  • Doors
    Repair, replace and add new doors.
  • Acoustic Ceiling Removal
    Remove or upgrade ceilings.
  • Drywall / Plaster / Stucco
    Wall restoration, texturing, and hanging of drywall.
  • Design and Color Consultation
    Most services include a consult with a professional interior designer.
  • Green Alternatives